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I am here to share my miraculous healing journey with you. It starts with a simple, yet profound notion. You can be the co-creator of your own destiny and transform your life by saying "YES." I know. I did it! This is my offering to you! I have witnessed first hand, no pun intended, the Joy of Healing and today I sit in a place of grace and gratitude. With my Dancingheart-Dancinghands, my joy, and enthusiasm for life, I will assist you to empower yourself to step forward, love yourself enough and have the life you truly deserve. I invite you to read my story of healing and transformation and how I will bring these gifts to you.

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Unlocking the Invisible Child Book Cover
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The HeArt of Healing on Blogtalkradio.com 6:30 pm EST on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. We invite you to call in and explore transformational healing of body and soul. Co-hosts Mark Collins (www.quantumlove.net) and Laura Mayer provide spiritual insights and intuitive guidance.

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Moving Forward

August 6th, 2014

I am so excited to write my first post from my new home, my private oasis in the desert.

I sit in full joy and gratitude that I have found a home base, a place, which will provide others, as well as myself, an opportunity to continue to ‘heal into ourselves.’

In saying that, I share the offering of my first retreat/workshop for those who desire/require time and space to breathe, grow, explore, discover and uncover in a safe, gentle and loving space.

International Author, Healer, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker Laura Mayer, MA, ,OTR takes you on a life-changing journey to Heal for Real™

Come join us for a 3-day healing opportunity to ‘clear the mind, open the heart’ amongst the backdrop of cactus, mountains and desert in beautiful Oro Valley, Arizona.

Offering includes:

  • 10-hour workshop Drop Your Story ~ Create a New One: A Workshop to Heal Your Life.
  • Yoga, Chi Gong, desert walks, and mountain hikes.
  • Quiet space to simply sit and breathe in the gentleness of The Sanctuary in Oro Valley.
  • Individual sessions provided by request only (additional fee)

“When I dropped the story and created a new one I completely transcended dis-ease in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.”

The workshop empowers you to identify the original story, drop the old and create a new. It takes you into the heart of darkness and ends with the discovery of your authentic self. As detailed in the book,Unlocking the Invisible Child, Laura shares her own personal triumph of how she healed both physical dis-ease and emotional traumas thus enabling her to heal her life. She brings her wisdom and healing grace to you so you can do the same.

  • Are you showing up?
  • Are parts of you is still hiding behind old wounding?
  • What does becoming visible look like?”

Through written & verbal exercises, individual & group experiences, channeled messages/intuitive guidance, you will uncover core beliefs that continue to wreak havoc in your heart. By the conclusion of this workshop you will have the tools you require to show up and identify your hearts desire and soul purpose.

Most importantly you will begin to identify who you are and who you want to be.

A guided workbook is included.

For more details visit www.dancingheartdancinghands.com or
call 914. 772. 3917.

Pre-registration: 10/4/2014 ~ 1st 10 receive 10% discount
Donation: $375 includes dinner Friday night. Snacks provided.
A list of nearby hotels and restaurants will be provided after registration.

In one week I board a plane for New Zealand and Australia where I am gifted the opportunity to explore another land, meet people down under that resonate with my soul purpose and heart desires, and to simply enjoy the love and surroundings of my partners friends and family.

As the journey continues, I continue to hold my arms out wide and say,

“Tell me Universe, where do you want me and I will follow.”

Do you listen when you hear the Universe calling you? Will you follow the calling?

I look forward to sharing this next piece in my September blog post
I continue to offer 20-minute FREE consults to anyone serious about transforming their life and taking healing into their own hands.

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From my heart to yours,


Personal transformation, inner child healing work, integrative healing of body, mind and spirit, energy healing and soul healing. As an occupational therapist, hands on healer, channel and motivational speaker, Laura's Soul Dancing energy healing practice will motivate you to transform your life.